10 reasons we holiday in rainy old Blighty

It’s the summer holidays, we’ve had a rainy holiday in Scotland followed by a rainy holiday in Wales. Yet I still love holidaying in the UK for lots of reasons…

  1. The U.K. has so many beautiful places to visit with SO much to do!
  2.  I DO NOT FLY. Never. Nope. Did I mention I don’t fly?…
  3. Keeping an eye on 4 children around a hotel pool is not my idea of fun. I am not an octopus.
  4. Sharing a hotel room with 4 children is not my idea of fun either. 
  5. We can take our time travelling with as many rest stops we desire. Or my husbands’ weak bladder desires.
  6. We’re used to rubbish weather so we’re prepared for it and still have fun rain or shine.
  7. Our car boot is massive. Ok we practically drive a bus. We can bring almost anything!
  8. You can get a good cuppa.
  9. You don’t need to exchange your money or carry passports.
  10. You can keep 4 blonde fair skinned children out of the sun.

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