Best of the busy

Wow a very busy weekend had by all!

Amelie’s dance show was amazing. My beautiful girl made us proud with her ballet and tap routines. The costumes were stunning. Our 7 month old danced like crazy on my lap, which is a new thing that I love!

Is it terrible that our ballerina still has the same bun in her hair, complete with glitter spray?! She has refused to let me take it out! It’s ok she’s now off for a shower, to include hair wash this time!

Yesterday we thought a nice stroll would be a fun way to end the weekend. 5 miles later my sore feet were pleased to stop for coffee and flapjack! We gave the children a clipboard each with a checklist of all things nature to find. They loved it!

As confused as I was that yesterday was a Bank Holiday Monday, we were almost late for school this morning forgetting the children have breakfast club on a Tuesday! Cue husband and wife running out of bed to wake the kids and out the door within 20 minutes! Ahhhh!

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