So the eldest needs specs… quite fetching I say.

I’ve had glasses since I was 17 and at college. I spent precisely 17 years hating them up until getting my new glasses late last year. Who knew the bigger frames I’ve been avoiding all this time would actually suit me! Now I wear them all the time and I don’t whip them off every time a camera points at me.
My eldest was due an eye test so off we went. He needs glasses for distance like tv and the board at school. He chose a rather grown up pair and I think he looks just lovely.

Enter the 4 year old. Bobby has been telling us his eyes hurt and swiped Riley’s new glasses telling us “wow I can see better and my eyes don’t hurt”. Off we go to the opticians with Bobby. He tells us he even knows which glasses he wants. Sorry Bobby, you don’t need glasses. Cue 4 year old melt down in a busy opticians!

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