The thrifty brandaholic

I never used to care about brands. When I lived on my own, pre hubby and children, I would always buy ‘value’ over brand and couldn’t understand why my parents would recoil if the beans weren’t Heinz.

Is it really a case of what we can afford, or what is best?

I am now a self confessed brandaholic and label whore. The twist is, I’m as thrifty as I’ve always been.

Gone are the days of cheap clothes, replaced instead with my favourite designers or decent high street brands. Value beans are gone and Heinz stand in their place, but I am fond of Waitrose own brand food. 

Is there really a difference? Actually I hate to say it, but I think yes there is. The beans do taste different. The clothes are of better quality, they last longer and they fit better.

Am I financially better off than when I bought budget brands? Yes, heaps. The past 10 years or so have been kind and we’re thankful for that. Clearly it was a factor when I lived alone, I simply couldn’t afford top brand clothes or an expensive food shop.

But does this make me a snob? Hell no. Just because my weekly shop is in Waitrose or M&S I don’t turn my nose up at a cheaper supermarket and I absolutely love a bargain! I won’t pay full price for anything unless I really have to! 

I have driven my hubby crazy traipsing around shops looking for the best deal. My dad refuses to shop with me at all, as he says I scour every shop and every shelf, hunting down bargains.

The hubby is as bad as me now, he won’t pay full price or anywhere near for new trainers or the latest gadget. We’re the thriftiest people we know!

So here we’ve found our perfect balance. It takes a little time and effort, but in doing so, we have the brands we love for much less!

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