The worst baby group

Why is a good baby group so hard to find? Well I found a group, not a perfect one and not local but a group all the same. I’ve been going every Tuesday, it started this year in the hotel we were married in. It’s held in the bar area which isn’t ideal but the coffee is good and I look forward to catching up with friends. A few weeks ago some mums found broken glass among the baby toys. Lots of mummies were lost after that week. They moved the group to a large carpeted room so we remained loyal and that was that for a couple of weeks, much better for the babies and toddlers and a secure room. They’ve since moved us back into the bar area, favouring other events in the function room, obviously our £4 per mummy and baby isn’t paying enough. This week they opened the doors onto the terrace, putting a small bouncy castle out there while leaving the toys scattered around the bar area. Great, some fresh air you might think. Ok so all the toddlers want to be outside now, perhaps better than being able to escape into the restaurant and beyond from the bar. Sadly not. Cue toddlers legging it everywhere, stairs from the terrace down to the garden below, cigarette butts all over the terrace, alcohol lying around, dirty glasses, cleaning products, oh and not forgetting access to a closed yet fully equipped outdoor bar. Carnage. How did anyone think this was a good idea?

Sorry baby group, you were a great idea and I made a lifelong friend along the way, but no, we won’t be coming back.

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