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Ethics for Journalists PDF Books

Ethics for Journalists

Ethics for Journalists tackles many of the issues which journalists face in their everyday lives - from the media's supposed obsession with sex, sleaze and sensationalism, to issues of regulation and censorship. Its accessible style and question and answer approach highlights the relevance of ethical issues for everyone involved in journalism, both trainees and professionals, whether working in print, broadcast or new media.
Ethics for Journalists provides a comprehensive overview of ethical dilemmas and features interviews with a number of journalists. Presenting a range of imaginative strategies for improving media standards and supported by a thorough bibliography and a wide ranging list of websites.

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Structural Glass Facades and Enclosures PDF Books

Structural Glass Facades and Enclosures

A structural glass facade is a glass wall in which the glass itself is part of the building structure. The fundamental technology of structural façade systems has undergone a transition over the past decade from an emergent, experimental building form to a mature, fully robust technology.  Structural Glass Facades and Enclosures documents, defines, and categorizesthe current state of the art in long-span glass facade design and construction, with a focus on structural systems, glass cladding options, and implementation strategies for innovative design. A comparative analysis of these various systems is included, along with designs and design practices for enhancing transparency; engineering issues; material , process and fabrication considerations; installation means and methods; and project delivery strategies for implementing innovative building technology in today?s construction marketplace. The reader will find information here that is not available together in any single resource.

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Ant Egg Soup: The Adventures Of A Food Tourist In Laos PDF Books

Ant Egg Soup: The Adventures Of A Food Tourist In Laos

Natacha Du Pont De Bie is no ordinary tourist. She'll trek for hours or even days in search of a good lunch. Her obsession with food is such that, while others are lying comatose on the beach or cycling up mountains, she'll be down at the local market, elbow deep in produce, grilling people on where to find the best indigenous restaurants and cafes and jotting down recipes.

ANT EGG SOUP is the result of her adventures in Laos, the stories of the people she met, the places she visited and, of course, the amazing food she tasted: drinking raw turkey blood with herbs in a tribal village, cooking Paradise chicken in a little guest house by the Kung Si waterfalls and sampling fried cricket during the Festival of the Golden Stupa are just a few examples.

Funny and refreshing, with recipes and lines drawings, ANT EGG SOUP will awaken the senses while redefining the art of travelling and eating abroad.

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Wreck This Journal Bundle Set PDF Books

Wreck This Journal Bundle Set

With this bundle, collect all four unique cover designs of Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal, including the classic black, as well as three special limited edition covers: duct-tape, red mesh, and paper bag.

In these updated editions, Wreck This Journal asks readers to muster up their best mistake and mess-making abilities and to fill the pages of the book (or destroy them). Through a series of creatively and quirkily illustrated prompts, acclaimed artist Keri Smith encourages journalers to engage in "destructive" acts--poking holes through pages, adding photos and defacing them, painting pages with coffee, coloring outside the lines, and more--in order to experience the true creative process. With Smith's unique sensibility, readers are introduced to a new way of art and journal making, discovering novel ways to escape the fear of the blank page and fully engage in the creative process.


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Therapy for Amputees PDF Books

Therapy for Amputees

An interdisciplinary team of experts addresses all aspects of rehabilitation for amputees, from assessments and phychosocial considerations through evidence-based treatment approaches and more. The New Edition is updated to incorporate the latest advances in this field, and to reflect the fact that amputees now receive rehabilitation therapy in a variety of settings.

  • Takes a practical, problem-based approach which is easy to follow
  • Follows a logical structure from assessment of the problems and the psychological impact on the client to evidence-based practice, audit and care protocols
  • Addresses the concerns of the client with a chapter on Different Perspectives; The Users Point of View, and through practical advice and information for the amputees and their carers, on all aspects of their rehabilitation including details of patient/user support groups
  • Uses the terminology adopted for International Standards
  • Extensively referenced with contact points for access to further information on technical detail and new developments in hardware availability
  • Highly illustrated with 280 photographs and line drawings
  • Includes details of producers and suppliers of prosthetic equipment and components
  • Book now multidisciplinary and multiauthor with 11 contributors from 2 expert UK based multidisciplinary teams working in Oxford and London
  • There are 3 new chapters on:
  • The Psychological Impact of Amputation
  • Different Perspectives; the users point of view (addresses patient/user support groups; patient empowerment; professional special interest groups etc)
  • Therapy Service Quality addresses the issues of evidence based practice, standards/audit/outcome measurement: risk management, clinical guidelines, care protocols etc.
  • Improvements to existing chapters include:
  • In chapter 2 more on the Community Care Act, the Carer's Recognition and Services Act, continuing healthcare provision including eligibility criteria etc.
  • In chapter 5 more on check sockets, The Amputee Mobility Aid (AMA), advantages and disadvantages of early mobility equipment, prescription of indoor/outdoor powered wheelchairs.
  • In chapter 9 Update on motion analysis laboratory measurements and physiotherapy biofeedback machines.
  • In chapter 20 more on osseointegration; surgery to problem stumps; meningococcal septicaemia.
  • Chapter 21 on Multipathology and Complex Cases extensively revised and improved.
  • Total update of terminology to align with International Standards.
  • Total update of information on upper and lower limb prosthetic components, (sockets, liners, cosmesis etc and now including recreational prostheses).
  • Total update of information on wheelchairs.
  • All 23 chapters are extensively referenced and give contact points for access to further technical detail and new developments in hardware availability from producers of prosthetic equipment and components.
  • Incorporates information from the perspectives of providing rehabilitation in both developed and developing countries.
  • Gives practical advice and information for the amputees and their carers concerning all aspects of their rehabilitation
  • Also includes a general bibliography for further reading.
  • 280 illustrations (174 line and 106 photographs of which over 60 are completely new)

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  • Unemployable: 30 years of hardcore, skate and street PDF Books

    Unemployable: 30 years of hardcore, skate and street

    From the 1970s underground Melbourne skate scene to a company with a presence in over one hundred countries, Unemployable is the story of how three Australian brothers--Stephen, Peter, and Matt Hill--founded one of the world's biggest skate, street, and surf companies, Globe International. Throughout several iterations, the company was the first Australian skate shoe player; a creator and distributor of leading streetwear fashion labels such as Stussy, Mossimo, Obey, and Mooks; a producer of celebrated skate and surf movies; and from its earliest beginnings, a business that recognized the importance of connecting to the customer.

    Beyond the story of the Hill brothers, the book features a large cast of players who ran Globe's debauched skate tours, infamous industry parties, exotic surf contests, frenzied stadium events, cutting-edge fashion parades, and red-carpet launches. In addition, it includes over 190 exclusive contributions from Globe insiders and untold tales from the world's most respected skaters and surfers including Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk, CJ and Damien Hobgood, and many more. It also touches on Globe's affiliations beyond action sports.

    A story about following your dreams, Unemployable will resonate with a broad range of readers beyond a purely skate/surf/street audience.

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    That's Not How We Do It Here!: A Story about How Organizations Rise and Fall--and Can Rise Again PDF Books

    That's Not How We Do It Here!: A Story about How Organizations Rise and Fall--and Can Rise Again

     What’s the worst thing you can hear when you have a good idea at work?
    “That’s not how we do it here!”

    In their iconic bestseller Our Iceberg Is Melting, John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber used a simple fable about penguins to explain the process of lead­ing people through major changes. Now, ten years later, they’re back with another must-read story that will help any team or organization cope with their biggest challenges and turn them into exciting opportunities.
    Once upon a time a clan of meerkats lived in the Kalahari, a region in southern Africa. After years of steady growth, a drought has sharply reduced the clan’s resources, and deadly vulture attacks have increased. As things keep getting worse, the har­mony of the clan is shattered. The executive team quarrels about possible solutions, and sugges­tions from frontline workers face a soul-crushing response: “That’s not how we do it here!”
    So Nadia, a bright and adventurous meerkat, hits the road in search of new ideas to help her trou­bled clan. She discovers a much smaller group that operates very differently, with much more teamwork and agility. These meerkats have developed innova­tive solutions to find food and evade the vultures. But not everything in this small clan is as perfect as it seems at first.
    Can Nadia figure out how to combine the best of both worlds—a large, disciplined, well-managed clan and a small, informal, inspiring clan—before it’s too late?
    This book distills Kotter’s decades of experi­ence and award-winning research to reveal why organizations rise and fall, and how they can rise again in the face of adversity.

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    Children in Old-time Trade Cards PDF Books

    Children in Old-time Trade Cards

    Angel-faced and rosy-cheeked, children were the spotlight of many 19nth-century advertising cards peddling an amazing array of "wholesome" wares, from medicines, soaps, and colognes to clothing and food.This charming collection of pure Americana features more than 200 full-color images thathearken back to a delightfully innocent age of advertising."

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    Power Base Selling: Secrets of an Ivy League Street Fighter PDF Books

    Power Base Selling: Secrets of an Ivy League Street Fighter

    "Holden?s book is rich with wisdom and sage advice and should be required reading for any salesperson who wants to understand how to merge a sales strategy and a political strategy to win the hearts of their customers? Power Base."-Rodney D. Cotton, Vice President, Sales-United States, Baxter Healthcare, Renal Division.

    "Jim Holden?s book is for serious salespeople and executives who are focused on winning. It provides insights, techniques, and everyday tools to reach the highest possible level of success. The book is most insightful and is a required reading and work tool for enterprise salespeople and executives."-Grant Evans, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Identicator Technology.

    "The Holden Power Base Selling techniques have provided our sales teams with a common language from which to develop and plan strategies and tactics."- Colin Latham, President and CEO, MT&T (Canada).

    "Power Base Selling is essential. . . . The book is rich with lessons such as how to avoid being defeated by desperate ?end-games,? and how to ?snatch various victories from the jaws of defeat.? The conclusion is a revealing ?self-test.?. . . [Holden?s] principles are more applicable today than ever."- Glenn W. Coleman, President, South Africa Branch, Lockheed Martin Overseas Services Corporation.

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    Handbook of Categorical Algebra PDF Books

    Handbook of Categorical Algebra

    A Handbook of Categorical Algebra is designed to give, in three volumes, a detailed account of what should be known by everybody working in, or using, category theory. As such it will be a unique reference. The volumes are written in sequence, with the first being essentially self-contained, and are accessible to graduate students with a good background in mathematics. Volume 1, which is devoted to general concepts, can be used for advanced undergraduate courses on category theory. After introducing the terminology and proving the fundamental results concerning limits, adjoint functors and Kan extensions, the categories of fractions are studied in detail; special consideration is paid to the case of localizations. The remainder of the first volume studies various 'refinements' of the fundamental concepts of category and functor.

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