A guest post by Riley, aged 10

Hi I’m Riley, I’m 10 years old and I am Natasha’s son. I have been badgering my mum for ages to write on her blog, so today, for my first attempt, I’m going to talk about moving up to high school in September and also my wonderful mum.

Firstly I’m a bit nervous about going up to high school because compared to my school now its absolutely huge and there will be thousands of new people, which I will have to make friends with. In my primary school class I am 1 of 14, it’s the smallest class in our school. I’m worried about getting to lessons on time and more importantly the right class. The high school is so big and it will be a different classroom for every lesson. Anyway, I’m sure it will sink in and I will make plenty more friends. There are some things i’m looking forward to like the food and especially the science lessons because at the open evening there were some really cool experiments going on. They were even disecting a pig. I love sports and can’t wait to get involved with all the different sports on offer.

Last week we had SATS week and I have to admit it was quite challenging on the first day, which was Monday, there was only one on the first day and that was reading that was ok. Altogether it wasn’t too bad when I was approaching SATS I was expecting something really really difficult but I didn’t find it to tricky. The good thing is at the end of the week we had a SATS party it was so much fun. We could go outside and play or you could stay inside to watch a movie and play games. There was popcorn, sweets and even fizzy drinks. So all in all it was a tricky start to the week and an awesome end.

Now i’m going to talk about the best mum in the world. One, she does more than I could ever ask for. Even when I play up, she tells me no matter what, she always loves me lots. Me and her used to have a saying “I love you to the moon and back.” I still do. Even though mummy thinks I’ll change when I go up to high school I will always love her to infinity and back.




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