A perfect marriage?

Last weekend we celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary.

It feels like a huge deal to us and we had a special romantic evening with dinner and drinks followed by a stroll along the beach as the sun was setting. A rare child free night out.

A lovely couple we met and got chatting to had been married for 56 years. Wow. That really is amazing and makes our 5 years sound a bit trivial!

It got me thinking, what are the secrets to a long, happy marriage?

For us, it’s love and companionship. We spend every waking hour together where possible and are very affectionate. We bounce off one another and even when we’re apart we’re texting or calling each other. John is my best friend, my soul mate and I trust him with my life. We make each other happy. I don’t care if that sounds soppy, it’s how we are.

My parents have been married for almost 35 years and John’s parents for over 40 years. They are anything but soppy, but it’s clear they love each other and have built solid, strong marriages. They have set us such a good example.

I thought it would be fun to ask others’ their opinions on what makes a long, happy marriage…

I asked my Mum and here’s what she said…

“Don’t take any shit. Work as a team. Keep talking and listen. Don’t have secrets unless for surprise parties! Look after each other, as Dad has been brilliant these last few weeks. Have your own interests as well as hobbies together”.

Lovely words from my mum. I think she has perfectly summed up the answer to my question. I couldn’t agree more. Mum and Dad have been through a tough time with Mum’s health over the past couple of months, I think her answer has more meaning than ever.

My dad simply said “Having a husband that does as he’s told“.

Anyone that knows my parents well would know this is so true. Dad can come across as serious and sometimes grumpy (ok a lot grumpy, sorry dad!) except with my mum. Dad idolises my mum and it’s clear to see.

My darling husband said…

“Know your place. Love the person you’re with, be attracted to the person you’re with. Make time to kiss and cuddle every day”.

John treats me like a queen and as I said before we’re very affectionate. He says he knows his place…!

I thought it would be fun to ask the older children! What is their perception of a happy marriage?

Riley aged 10…

“Make sure the person you’re with is the right one, love them, and care for them”

How sweet from my biggest boy. Beautiful words.

Amelie aged 7…

“You find someone that’s handsome and have children.”

Amelie’s answer really tickled me.

Whatever the secret is, I hope our 4 children can one day find the happiness and contentment that John and I and our parents have found.



20 thoughts on “A perfect marriage?

  1. Another lovely blog I love reading them keep them coming. Dad really enjoyed that one too (he agrees he can be grumpy) xx

  2. This is such a sweet post and you both have the type of love I aspire to have!!! xxx

    Ashleigh //

  3. Happy anniversary! Hubby and I celebrated 5 years of marriage at the beginning of the year. Lovely post. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  4. Happy late anniversary! This post is great! regardless of not being married l definitely took some lessons from this and l am glad! Life works in wonderous ways

  5. What a gorgeous post and you look beaut in all these photos! <3 And it definitely doesn't make your 5 years sound trivial! All relationships are important, no matter the length. And it doesn't make yours any less strong. You're just getting started! <3 xxx

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