Is it ever ok?

A controversial post, sure to divide opinion.

Smacking. Is it ever ok?

The subject has been on my mind for weeks. I witnessed a very hard smack on the bottom of a 3 year old at the park and it shook me to my core. It’s the hardest I have ever seen an adult hit a child. The little boy didn’t cry, he ran and hid under the slide. I could see he had a massive red hand print on his bottom. The next few nights were spent replaying it in my head. Should I have said something? Done something? But what?

One lady did say something. In a very kind way. She tried to defend the behaviour of the little 3 year old stranger that had followed her little girl and gone out of his mum’s sight.

Maybe if said mum had been watching her 3 year old instead of sitting on Facebook on her phone he wouldn’t have been able to wander off in the first place. There. I said it.

Have I ever smacked any of my 4 children? No, I haven’t. Have any of my 4 children ever been naughty? Hell daily! I’m not a perfect mum, far from it. I get cross, I shout sometimes and I often doubt my parenting skills. I’ve just never ever felt the need for punishment with smacking. I actually thought it was illegal now, but after a quick google search, parents can smack. It’s not as clear cut as I thought.

I don’t remember ever being smacked as a child but I think my brothers had the occasional slapped leg or bottom. No, it didn’t do them any harm, but it didn’t make them behave either.

I’m sure the 3 year old little boy will be naughty again too. But does that make it ok?

Where do you stand?

Is smacking ever ok?

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