Spiritual Awakening

I have recently opened a new chapter in my life and I feel compelled to write about it.

In early February, myself, my Mum, Auntie and cousins attended an evening of mediumship. My family have always been intrigued and open to signs and messages from another entity. I know many people that don’t ‘believe’, others tell me they need ‘convincing’… but everyone in my family embraces this other world alongside our own. We each find it comforting in our own way. Heck, after the year we’ve all had it is most welcomed!

Feeling positive and open minded, we were looking forward to a rare evening out together.

We settled into our chosen seats and my Auntie was the first chosen in the audience. The information the Medium proceeded to share with my Auntie reduced me to a snivelling wreck. My late Nanny had reached out to her and it knocked me sideways. In the best way. With no prompting from the audience, or my Auntie, the medium communicated messages with such accuracy. Names, not just random names but an entire family of names, personal details, things locked away in our memories that no one else could know. Amazing.

Both mediums connected with different members of the audience in their own way, both equally fantastic.

Afterwards we had each booked in for a private reading. There were several different mediums for this and I had a different Medium to my Mum, Auntie and cousins.

My reading began with Oracle cards and very quickly moved on to personal messages. was both deeply emotional and uplifting. Details were shared about my life, some things I have done, some things I have wished I’d done differently. Even some things that had only happened that day and I hadn’t told anyone about.

I am blown away, for the second time that evening. I am also hooked.

After my reading the Medium spoke to me about my own experiences with the spirit world and it really got me thinking. Ok obsessing…

Fast forward 1 month and I’ve attended a ‘fledgling’ evening of mediumship, where I was in the audience of a group of new mediums, another Medium evening and even had my palms read. I’ve bought books and Oracle cards and I’m signed up for classes.

Fascinated by a world that exists beyond what our two eyes can see and indeed what society in general says we can see.

Can I really do this? Can I begin my own Spiritual journey? Can I find the deeper ME? Spirits, guides, angels? The complete unknown. Astrology, crystals, oracle cards, candles, meditation…what’s not to love? It’s a whole new level to my interest in Psychology. It’s an exciting new world and something I want to do for ME.

All I will say is my journey has just begun… and I’m loving it.

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