The dreaded call from school

“Oh no the school is ringing”… You always think the worst when you see the number. Maybe it’s Amelie’s tooth? (she has her first wobbly tooth and is freaking out about it!) Maybe someone is ill? Hurt?

So many thoughts before you’ve even managed to answer the call.

So it turns out my eldest (9) has hurt his elbow and shoulder. A trip to hospital is recommended. A 5 year old coming out of school in just over an hour and a 4 year old has football training in 2 hours. All in different directions.

Thankfully hubby is home so he collects said eldest and takes him to the nearest minor injuries unit. Not before I’ve showered said eldest as he arrives home caked in mud.

So I hang back to feed baby, pick up 5 year old and take 4 year old to football. 

Cue huge massive guilt that I haven’t gone to hospital with my eldest. Especially when the hospital think he has a broken elbow. After X-rays thankfully not. Huge relief! 

So we made it through, baby got fed again at football, 5 year old played on park next to football and I sort of managed to watch 4 year old play football. Daddy and eldest join us at the end and we all went out for tea. Starving by this point having just realised that baby was about the only one to get fed all day! 

After all the drama a calm dinner, happy children and exhausted but happy parents.

I have no idea how we will get our 9 year old to stop wearing his sling, he loves it far too much.

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