Where did the time go?

Today I received the news that my eldest son Riley has his place at our preferred high school for September.

I cried. Not because he got the place at the school we wanted, it’s in catchment, it’s a given. I cried because my baby is starting high school. Ok so he’s my biggest baby and he’s turning 11 in the summer, but he’s still my baby. Maybe it’s because he is the first to take on this big adventure.

I loved starting high school and can remember my first day like it was yesterday. New folders & pens, making new friends. With that in mind I am so excited for him and I know he can’t wait. He is definitely ready.

Riley is already changing, or should I say growing up. He has a mobile phone with group chats and girls, although he’s more interested in playing his favourite games on it and is football crazy. Occasionally he will bike to a friends in the village, as long as I know exactly where he is and I can contact him. He shares everything with me and I hope that doesn’t change too much when he hits the dreaded teens. The high school have offered a free ‘dealing with teenagers’ 4 week course for parents, I’m tempted to sign up. I don’t want my loving, mummy’s boy to change and when he does I have no idea how to deal with a teen.

For now I’ll make the most of our evening snuggles on the sofa. I’ll appreciate that, for now, he tells me everything and try not to moan too much when he’s being lazy or not listening.

My baby, embarking on a massive life changing adventure, saying goodbye to one chapter and opening a new one that will change our life as we know it forever.

How on earth am I going to get through his primary school leavers assembly? !

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