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Being a mum of 4 I literally get no time to myself. By the time they’re finally in bed, the tidying, never ending washing and dishwasher duties means it’s not long til bed for me. In a world full of technology, when I eventually sit down, I find it far too tempting to settle down with my phone. I’m not a fan of much on tv, but with social media, browsing shopping sites and googling anything that springs to mind, the time soon flies by and it’s off to bed.

But I love books. I always have since I was little. Nowadays all I seem to read are The Gruffalo, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Spencer Bear… you get the theme, I’m a mum of 4! Being a busy mum means my time is a precious commodity and I can’t even remember the last time I read a book. 

That’s why this summer I have set myself a little reading challenge.

I am going to spend my spare time reading and I will review the books I read on my blog.

I recently found my Nook e-reader which has been missing for months, maybe longer! However there really is nothing quite like the look and feel of a REAL book.

Today I went to Waterstones and I could have spent hours in there. I duly headed straight to the children’s section and bought some new books there then I excitedly made my way upstairs to look for something for ME. I came away with 3 books!

I headed to non fiction, this has always been a favourite of mine. Seeking out Anne Frank’s diary was my mission, a book I haven’t read since my teens and have been wanting to read for ages.

The first book to catch my eye was

The Cruel Mother by Sîan Busby

The true story, a shocking and horrific act which is then investigated by future generations.

Then a familiar word caught my eye…

Chanel: An Intimate Life

A firm favourite brand of mine that I adore. I hope this rags to riches book lives up to my expectations.

And finally I found what I was originally looking for…

Anne Frank

I haven’t read Anne Frank’s diary since I was in high school. This certainly contributed to my love for reading and writing. Such a moving and powerful book. I’ve been wanting to re read this for a long time.

I am so excited to get started! Which will I choose?! Do you have any reading recommendations? All book reviews will be on the blog!

17 thoughts on “Summer bookworm

  1. Great idea! I also don’t get any time to myself, being an expat with no family close. I’m also in Tanzania so nowhere to buy books! Not decent new ones anyway and I love books. I never wanted a Kindle, but it has meant I could get back into reading again after River was born. I’ve been doing 2 books a week for years now! I have no idea how mind. I’m definitely going to treat myself to the Chanel book, thanks for the tip. Enjoy 🙂 #DreamTeam

    1. Wow 2 books every week, that’s perfection! I know what you mean about the Kindle, it’s not the same as turning real pages, but certainly something that you can’t live without now!

    2. Wow 2 books every week that’s perfection! I know what you mean about the Kindle, it’s not the same as turning real pages, but it’s certainly proved to be a necessity!

    1. Ah thanks hun, I’m definitely not Wonder Woman, I wish I was sometimes! You should definitely read Anne Franks Diary, it’s such a moving book xxx

  2. Love this post! I’m not a mum yet but I can imagine how busy you must be, so finding time to read can be hard – I hope you do manage to read all of these though! I’ve always been a bookworm myself and it’s such a good way to pass the time whilst also relaxing. Get a bit of chocolate maybe and indulge (: x

    Rumaanah //

  3. I hear you when it comes to hardly ever having time to sit and read a good novel. What a fab idea to set yourself this challenge. Which did you start in the end? I’m reading The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin, it really draws you in! #DreamTeam xx

    1. I’ve started on ‘The Cruel Mother’. Thanks for the recommendation too, I shall add it to my list! xx

  4. SO glad to hear you want to start reading more and reviewing on your blog! As you know, that’s something I’ve been doing since 2013 and I’d recommend it to anyone! Enjoy your picks <3 xx

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